What does the board do?

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Local school boards (also known as boards of education, school committees, school directors, or trustees) are elected—or occasionally appointed—to be leaders and champions for public education in their states and communities. 


School boards, elected or appointed by their communities, represent the community’s beliefs and values. The Athens City Schools Board of Education members are appointed by the Athens City Council.


The most important responsibility of school boards is to work with their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools. School boards derive their power and authority from the state. In compliance with state and federal laws, school boards establish policies and regulations by which their local schools are governed.

Your school board is responsible for:

  • employing the superintendent;
  • developing and adopting policies, curriculum, and the budget;
  • overseeing facilities issues; and
  • adopting collective bargaining agreements.


Read more about the work of school boards from the National School Board Association.  More resources are available at the Center for Public Education.