Special Graduation Message to the Class of 2019


Congrats 2019 This is a special graduation message for our graduates of the Class of 2019.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


It is graduation season in every corner of the country. Here in our sweet, southern small town, the caps and gowns are pressed, shoes are shined and diplomas are signed. The graduates are preparing to take that ceremonial walk across the field to receive the reward they have worked so hard to achieve. It occurs to me that graduation is the perfect intersection of the past, present and future.


So often graduation is thought of as an end, and in a tender way, it is. It marks the end of a journey that began when these graduates were just learning to tie their shoe laces. The tooth fairy was still busy at work, finger painting was considered a fine art and toothpaste was still flavored like bubble gum.


Through all the years and memories that have passed since that first day of kindergarten, these seniors have given their best to make it to this day. During this time, it’s natural to look back and remember with fondness the memories made and the lessons learned. It is important to hold dear the part of the walk you’ve been on since that day so long ago at your first elementary school because it is an important part of the journey. But now is the time to turn your face upward as you begin the next season of your walk.


Commencement - it is a word that literally means “a beginning or start.” The commencement ceremony is the celebration of a new beginning. To the seniors, you are truly beginning a new chapter in your young lives. As you look to the future, be filled with hope, encouragement and confidence. Make no mistake – you have been prepared for this moment. You are about to go into the world to make a difference. It is certain that the world needs bright, enthusiastic and responsible leaders who are able and willing to make a positive difference in the world. Be the change you want to see. Be the good in the world. Follow your dreams, and be who you were created to be.


While we are all sure to tear up when we hear “Pomp and Circumstance” begin for the seniors’ march, we can take great joy in the fact that our tears are full of happy remembrance, hope, faith and promise for the future.


We believe in you and cannot wait to see the great things you are going to do.


And so the adventure begins! To our graduates - go live your beautiful dream.