WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone funds innovation lab at iAcademy at Athens Elementary

WOW ATHENS, Alabama, February 25, 2019 --- iAcademy at Athens Elementary (AES) was recently awarded a grant from local business partner WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone. The $18,000 grant is being used to develop a new WOW! Innovation Lab and Makerspace for students at AES.                                                                                        

AES is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, March 1 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at iAcademy at Athens Elementary to celebrate the opening of the WOW! Innovation Lab. The community is invited to attend.


AES iAcademy at Athens Elementary is part of the Athens Academies, and their academy focus is innovation and computer science. This important funding will provide educational tools and supplies to support programs related to innovation such as robotics and coding tools, Legos, science kits and multimedia studio presentation equipment. The lab will serve all AES students in pre-K through third grade.


Cindy Davis AES principal Cindy Davis said, “Through this generous donation from WOW!, the addition of our Innovation Lab provides our students with a designated space to collaborate, create and experience computer science principles and technology. I hope our students will be inspired as they cultivate an innovator's mindset and explore their passions. I can't wait to see what they learn and how they grow!”


WOW! was impressed by the school’s passion to take learning to the next level through technology. As a new innovation academy, AES wanted to create a fun, engaging and thoughtful atmosphere to inspire and nurture student creativity through problem solving and computer science activities.


AES Students WOW! understood this was a unique opportunity to support the school as AES transitioned from a traditional elementary school to an innovation and computer science academy. Community and business partnerships can be instrumental in the success of a major initiative such as this. With this grant, WOW! has demonstrated their commitment to the Athens community through their investment in the education and development of AES students.


“We are thrilled to support innovative technologies in the classroom,” said Shae Herren, marketing manager for WOW!. “We believe it’s important to support the communities in which our employees and our customers live, work and play.”


WOW! has committed to a five year partnership with AES with the purpose of working together to maintain and evolve the lab.