Change in Back to School Plans for AHS Students

ATHENS, Alabama, August 13, 2018 --- Athens City Schools announces the opening of the new Athens High School will be delayed until November 19. Students in grades 9-12 will begin the school year August 30 at the former Athens Middle School campus on Clinton Street.  Minor modifications have been made to the building to create adequate classroom space, allowing the school to run a full schedule. Crews have been cleaning the building and completing minor repairs in preparation for the new school year.


The delay has been caused by the unusually wet year, preventing the completion of the courtyard area. This problem created a domino effect, preventing contractors from closing openings in other areas of the building in order to provide air conditioning. Without air conditioning, finish work such as flooring, casework and trim could not be completed in certain areas of the building.  


Dr. Holladay, Superintendent of Education, said, “The goal was to complete the classroom areas of the building by the end of August so that students could begin the year in the new school; however, all the pieces just did not come together as hoped.”  


Students and parents can visit to see a list of responses to common concerns and questions specific to the temporary location on Clinton Street.    


A press conference to answer questions related to the new school will be held Monday, August 13, at 3:00 p.m. in the boardroom of the Athens City Schools Central Office located at 455 Hwy 31 North in Athens.