Student Pass Information



To purchase your yearly student pass, follow the steps below: 
Step 1: Secure your student number from your iNow/Chalkable account online. It will start with an S followed by 4 to 6 numerical digits like this S909090.. This number is located on your unofficial transcript at the top. Simply login to your iNow/Chalkable student account and click the unofficial transcript botton on the lower left. Once downloaded, you will notice the number after your name at the top of the transcript similar to the following example: Doe, John - S909090. 
Step 2: Go to and select "Student All Sports Pass". Then enter your number (S909090) in the promo code section and click apply. Select Quantity 1 and click Get Item on the bottom of the screen to complete the checkout process 
(you will only be able to purchase 1 pass. Once your card number has been used, it will not be valid again for another purchase.)
Step 3: Use your phone at each sporting event to validate your pass at the gates when you enter at each event. Remember masks are required.