Athens City Schools Code of Ethics

  • A Code of Ethics represents a standard of behavior that is accepted by a profession, an organization, or a corporation. 

    The Alabama Educator Code of Ethics defines the professional behavior of educators in Alabama as a guide to ethical conduct. The code protects the health, safety, and general welfare of students and educators; outlines objective standards of conduct for professional educators; and clearly defines actions of an unethical nature for which disciplinary sanctions are justified.

    Summary of the standards included in the Code of Ethics
    Standard 1: Professional Conduct
    Standard 2: Trustworthiness
    Standard 3: Unlawful Acts
    Standard 4: Teacher/Student Relationship
    Standard 5: Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use or Possession
    Standard 6: Public Funds and Property
    Standard 7: Remunerative Conduct
    Standard 8: Maintenance of Confidentiality
    Standard 9: Abandonment of Contract

Alabama Educator Code of Ethics

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