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    Welcome! We are happy you have chosen to enroll your child in Athens City Schools. This is a very important step in your child's future, and we are confident you will be proud that you selected Athens City Schools. Click the button below to sign up to receive notifications from Athens City Schools. We will send messages related to Kindergarten Registration beginning in early spring each school year. Be sure to select "Athens City School District." Like and follow ACS on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and download the ACS App to stay connected!

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    Important dates and notes regarding kindergarten registration for 2021-2022:

    • Kindergarten Registration opens in early Spring 2021.
      • Enrollment/registration is completed online through a platform known as SchoolMint.
      • All students register for the academy (elementary school) for which you are zoned (as determined by your residential address).
      • During the online registration process, you have the option to apply to attend any elementary academy regardless of your school zone.
    • The Elementary Academy Showcase is a preview experience for new families hosted at Central Office. Spring 2021 dates will be released closer to time. 
    • Lottery Registration Deadline is posted each spring. To be considered in the out-of-zone academy lottery, you must complete online registration and select your academy of choice to be entered in the lottery.  
    • The lottery for out-of-zone applicants is selected (this is for families who choose to apply to a school other than their zoned school) in late spring (usually in May).

    About the Athens Academies Athens City Schools has four elementary schools, also known as the Athens Academies. They are:  

    • iAcademy at Athens Elementary (Innovation & Computer Science)
    • FAME at Brookhill Fine Arts Academy (Fine Arts)
    • HEART Academy at Julian Newman (Health & Medical)
    • SPARK Academy at Cowart (STEM)

    The Athens Academies serve students in grades K-3 and provide students with an enriched school experience in preparation for advancing grade levels. Students are surrounded by teachers who are passionate about teaching meaningful content via processes that support authentic student engagement.

    About School Choice & Academy Applications Our kindergarten registration process provides a school choice option for parents. You may choose to apply for placement to attend any of the Athens Academies regardless of your school zone. There is an academy application option during the SchooMint online registration process. Click here to learn more about academy enrollment policies, processes and timelines.  If you choose to make application to attend an academy other than your designated zoned academy, those selections will be made by electronic lottery in late spring. The deadline to participate in the optional kindergarten academy lottery will be posted in Spring 2021. If you do not wish to attend an out-of-zone academy, simply complete kindergarten registration for your zoned academy by the posted deadline. 

    Elementary Academy Showcase The Elementary Academy Showcase is a special preview event for families who have a new kindergarten student entering Athens City Schools. The purpose of the showcase is to allow parents and students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of each of the academy models through informal presentations and experiences with the principals and teachers from each academy. Whether you plan to attend the school/academy for which you are zoned or if you are interested in applying to an out-of-zone academy, we strongly encourage new kindergarten famlies to join us for this introduction to the Athens Academies each spring. The 2020 showcase was a "come and go" event and was held  in February 2020 from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Board of Education Central Office buildling located at 455 US Hwy. 31 N., Athens, AL 35611. We hope to be able to host a similar event in the spring of 2021. Details to be released in the early spring.


    I want to attend my zoned academy. If you want to attend your zoned academy, you simply register for your zoned school. Please follow these steps:

    1. Complete kindergarten registration for your zoned school.
    2. There will be a prompt that asks if you want to apply to a "Lottery School." Say NO and skip the "lottery school" step.
    3. The deadline for kindergarten registration will be posted in Spring 2021.
    4. You will receive an enrollment message from your zoned school confirming your registration.

    I want to apply to attend an academy outside of my school zone. If you choose to apply to a different academy than the academy you are zoned to attend, please follow these steps:

    1. Complete kindergarten registration and choose your zoned school first.
    2. There will be a prompt that asks if you want to apply to a "Lottery School." Say YES and select "lottery school" during the registration process. This is where you will select your academy of choice. This enters your child in the lottery.
    3. The deadline for the optional academy lottery for kindergarten students will be posted in Spring 2021.
    4. For families who choose to apply to an out-of-zone academy, the kindergarten lottery will be selected in late Spring 2021.

    School Mint How to Register Online through SchoolMint All kindergarten registration is completed online through a service called SchoolMint. Your SchoolMint account includes a family profile, which will be saved to make future re-enrollment more efficient. You will use this same SchoolMint account and family profile to complete student re-enrollment each spring. The contact information entered in SchoolMint is used by the district and school to send you messages, alerts and other important information. 

    How to Choose the Correct Option: SIGN UP or SIGN IN?

    • If you are brand new to Athens City Schools (you do not have a student currently enrolled in any of our schools), you will SIGN UP for a new account and register for kindergarten.
    • If you  are an existing Athens City Schools family (you currently have a student enrolled in one of our schools), you will SIGN IN to your existing account to add your kindergarten student to your famliy profile. 

    SchoolMint App Download the SchoolMint App We understand many parents use their smartphones to register. To make registration as easy as possible for those using a smartphone, we strongly recommend that you download the SchoolMint App (available in Google Play and in the App Store) to complete SchoolMint registration. If you're registering using a desktop or laptop computer, please note that Google Chrome is the preferred browser and works best with SchoolMint.

    Enroll in Your School Zone All new kindergarten students register/enroll in the elementary academy for which you are zoned. Once registration is complete, you will receive a message from your school confirming your enrollment. If during the registration/SchoolMint process you choose to apply to an out-of-zone academy ("lottery school"), you will be notified of placement on academy lottery day.

    Registration Help  Registration is only completed online through SchoolMint. You will choose the correct SchoolMint pathway at the bottom of this page. For questions regarding kindergarten registration, please contact the Office of Student Services at 256.233.6600. 

    SchoolMint Help For help with your SchoolMint account, please contact the SchoolMint support team by email at or by telephone at 855.957.3535 (Press 1 for Family Support).


    Documents Required to Complete Registration:

    1. Parent/Guardian Picture ID
    2. Birth Certificate (or alternative documentation in absence of a birth certificate)
    3. Social Security Card (Optional) SS CARD MAY BE BROUGHT IN INSTEAD OF UPLOADED. If a student does not have an SSN, a temporary number shall be assigned as specified by the ALSDE.
    5. Proof of Residence (Current utility bill, mortgage statement or rent lease agreement. When two families reside at the same address, a Landlord Letter may be submitted).
    6. Proof of Custody/Guardianship - Custody papers may be required if the student doesn't reside with both birth parents. Custody/Guardianship will be made through Judge's office. Board Policy stipulates neither Delegation of Parental Authority nor Power of Attorney will be accepted as a document for the student's legal custody. A signed Notary will not be used as a valid document for enrollment.
    7. Last Report Card
         K-8th grade- Last Report Card
         9-12th grade- Unofficial Transcript

    How to Upload Forms:

    • Scan or take a clear photo of each document in a well-lit area. Make sure that all four corners of the page are visible in the image.
    • Download (free) SchoolMint app for Android or IOS device. This will allow you to take photos of the forms and upload them directly.
    • Once you have successfully uploaded forms AND CLICK SUBMIT, you will be notified by email or text message stating “Registration Completed."
    • You will receive a “Registration Verified” notification once our staff has reviewed your documents and verified your address and school zone.


    Please use the guide below to determine the correct registration process for your student (A or B):

option a: sign up

    • I am NEW to the Athens City Schools system.
    • I do not have a student currently enrolled in ACS.
    • I am ready to sign up for SchoolMint and register for kindergarten.


          Sign Up for a SchoolMint Account

option b: sign in

    • I am an existing Athens City Schools system parent.
    • I have a student currently enrolled in ACS.
    • I am ready to add my kindergarten student to my existing family account in SchoolMint and register for kindergarten.


                Sign In to your existing SchoolMint Account

  • SchoolMint Help For help with your SchoolMint account, please contact the SchoolMint support team by email at or by telephone at 855.957.3535 (Press 1 for Family Support).

    Registration Help Registration is only completed online through SchoolMint. For questions regarding kindergarten registration, please contact the Office of Student Services at 256.233.6600.