Athens City Schools Summer Session

  •  Summer Session Information is updated each spring. Check back for updates for Summer Session 2020!

    Summer Session About ACS Summer Session Programs
    Athens City Schools offers two types of Summer Session programs:

    1. Credit Recovery Courses 
    2. Courses for Advancement

    Applications & Registration Information
    Applications for Summer Session will be accepted at the Athens Renaissance School campus located at 405 South Street East, Athens AL 35611. Enter through the front door ARS and deliver your application to Mrs. Cheryl Carter or Mr. Phillip Jarmon.


    ARS hours for application dropoff will be posted spring 2020.

    First Day of Summer Session
    Will be posted spring 2020.

    Athens City Schools Summer Session Classes are held at:
    Athens High School Freshman Center 
    655 Hwy 31 N., Athens, AL 35611
    (P) 256.771.7147

    Tuition Rates for 2019
    Credit Recovery: $100 per 1 course (1 credit) or $50 per .5 course (½ credit)

    Course for Advancement: $200 per 1 course (1 credit or $100 per.5 course (½ credit)

    Credit Recovery or Course for Advancement- Out of District: $300 per course (1 credit)
    $150 per .5 course (½ credit)

    Driver’s Education: Limited space. First come basis. $200 for all students (½ Credit)
    Three instructional days and scheduled driving times.

    Full tuition and fees are due at registration.
    See Student-Parent Handbook for fee waiver options.

    About Credit Recovery 
    6th-12th Grade Students Only


    Dates:  Will be posted spring 2020

    Students who have not been successful (failed) in mastering content or skills to receive a course credit may apply for ACS Credit Recovery Summer Session Program.  Students who have not achieved a numeric score of 40 or above must repeat the entire course during the summer session program.  Administrator signature is required for out of district applicants.

    • The ACS Credit Recovery Program will only offer courses in English, math, science, and social studies core curriculum. Students may take a maximum of two courses.
    • The NCAA does not accept credit recovery towards eligibility requirements.

    All students must complete a Summer Session Credit Recovery Application to be eligible for this program.  This form requires the signature of student, parent/guardian and principal (if not enrolled in Athens City Schools).

    INSTRUCTIONS:  At Athens Renaissance School, we select from 3 web-based programs (ACCESS, Odysseyware & APlus) to meet individual student needs. Instruction will be delivered through a computer-based program with a certified instructor as the program administrator. Individual student needs will vary and may include a time frame from one week to extended weeks during the summer term.

    About Courses for Advancement
    9th-12th Grade Students Only


    Dates:  Will be posted spring 2020

    Students who are interested in taking a course for advancement can do so during summer school at Athens High School - 9th grade Freshman Academy. Students must complete a Course for Advancement Application, which requires the signature of the student and parent/guardian.  Course for Advancement students will be required to attend one to four days weekly throughout June and July. 

    Administrator signature is required for out of district applicants.  See available courses below.

    For more information, please call ARS @ 256-771-7147

    Courses for Credit Recovery and Advancement Options


    English 9    (1) CR, CA

    English 10  (1) CR, CA

    English 11  (1) CR, CA

    English 12  (1) CR, CA



    Algebra 1  (1) CR, CA

    Algebra 1A (1) CR

    Algebra 1B (1) CR

    Geometry (1) CR, CA

    Geometry A (1) CR

    Geometry B (1) CR

    Algebraic Connections (1) CR, CA

    Algebra II (1) CR, CA

    Algebra II w/Trig (1) CR, CA

    Precalculus (1) CA



    World History  1500-Present (1) CR, CA

    US History I    (10th) (1) CR, CA

    US History II   (10th) (1) CR, CA

    Economics                  (1/2) CR, CA

    US Government          (1/2) CR, CA



    Biology               (1) CR, CA

    Physical Science (1) CR, CA

    Chemistry           (1) CR, CA

    Physics                (1) CA

    Environmental Science (1) CR, CA

    Forensic & Criminal Investigations (1) CA

    Human Anatomy & Physiology (1) CR, CA




    Career Preparedness.  (1) CA


    Career Preparedness   A & B (1/2 Each) CA

    Global Studies     (1) CA


    Personal Finance (1/2) CA


    Psychology          (1/2) CA



    FOREIGN LANGUAGES (Depends on number of applicants)

    Spanish I  (1) CA


    Spanish II  (1) CA




    Health Education (1/2) CA


    DRIVERS EDUCATION (Limited spaces available.)

    Drivers Education (1/2) CA


    CR- Available in Credit Recovery Model

    CA Available in Credit Advancement Model

    The number in the ( ) is recommended credit


    **Please inquire about additional classes that may  not be listed.

    Click here to ask a question about Summer Session.

    STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION:  It is the policy of Athens City Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of sex, color, handicap, religion, creed, national origin, race or age in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Federal Regulations.

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