Athens Creative Exchange

  •  The Creative Exchange is a program of learning focused on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community.

    The concept? Move students out of traditional classrooms, foster ideas, find ways to make them happen, and turn them into functional businesses or community programs. And by functional, that infers, work, successes, failures, and growth.

    You already have talents and interests. The Exchange helps make them something real. If you like to create, build, make, think, write, video, and develop, this program is for you. And in that this is a collaborative process, you will do all of these and learn new things in the process.  

    The program will meet in Downtown Athens during school. While there, you will take your History and English in which the curriculum is folded into the program. In other words, much of the writing and research in those subjects will become your social media presence that is developed to promote the program and your personal goals and projects.

    Other classes, like art, Spanish, and business and finance principles will also be available. The curriculum and the project based, hands-on learning will be folded together in a seamless way. And if you play sports and want to take AP classes, you can do that too. Really, we want this program to work for you, so scheduling will be individualized.     

    In small towns, community development is economic development and vice versa. And there is no better place to start than with our schools to transform and improve Athens and Limestone County. 

    For more information contact Dr. Chris Paysinger at