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  • Coding Club is for students in grades K-5 at ARS. We use websites that allow for self-guided, self-paced learning - allowing students to progress as fast or as slow as they are comfortable with progressing. We will begin with the website, code.org. Students begin by learning the basics of block coding and then progress into creating their own stories, games, dances, and drawings. As the year progressses, we may move to other websites that will complement your child's knowledge of coding. Research shows that coding helps children build mastery in sequencing skills, counting, problem solving, logical thinking, cause and effect and critical thinking! One of my favorite aspects of coding is the importance of LEARNING through MISTAKES! Today, many students are afraid to make mistakes, but... in making the mistake, and learning from it, is where the real learning occurs. How cool is that!


    Coding is for EVERYONE! 

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Mrs. Leah Hunt

Mrs. Leah Hunt