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    Athens Renaissance School is a K-12 blended and virtual student-centered educational option that offers students a personalized learning experience to meet their individual academic and social needs.  ARS students benefit from a  structured, challenging and personalized program designed to prepare students for college and career goals.  Athens Renaissance is the choice for homeschool, private, charter and public school students and families seeking a uniquely tailored educational experience.

    Virtual means online. Blended means a blend of virtual and face-to-face classes. Regardless of delivery format, all classes are taught by certified teachers. This provides flexibility and additional course options. Classes meet at Athens Renaissance School, a standalone school building located in idyllic downtown Athens adjacent to the Robert Beaty Historic District.

    Because Athens City Schools is dedicated to the development of the whole student, multiple options for social student engagement are available.  Art, chess and book clubs are just a few choices.  Field trips are offered periodically.  Elementary students can take advantage of the MakerSpace at SPARK Academy and the SPARK Lab. All students benefit from our partnership with the new Athens-Limestone Public Library.  Students can even participate in athletics in their zoned districts.

    Virtual and blended schooling meets the demands of today's digital learners through individualized instruction that moves beyond four walls and a clock.  Students have more options than ever before when it comes to how and where to meet their educational needs.

    Every student and every situation is unique.  Athens Renaissance provides solutions and support for each student and every situation.  

    About Our District:  Athens City Schools

    A community connected by education.

    The Athens City Schools system was founded in 1909.  Athens has a proud tradition of excellence in education as an award-winning school district.  ACS is proud of the rich heritage, outstanding teachers and dedicated community support that together keeps Athens ranked as one of the best districts in the state of Alabama.  

    The ACS mission is to be a progressive, high-quality school system that connects students and their families to a caring, traditional community.  The vision of ACS is to be a community connected by education.  This is the heart of the ACS story, and it challenges our district to be progressive in our approach toward educational options for all students.  

    One answer to this challenge is the Athens Renaissance School.  We have created a truly unique platform to deliver personalized education options for students in Athens, the Tennessee Valley and all across the state of Alabama.  ARS is the first of its kind in the state, and is setting the standard as the model for customized learning in the future.  Athens is at the forefront of this progress.  You can have great confidence when considering the premiere program for innovative learning options for public school students in Alabama.

     Same standards, different delivery.

    Athens Renaissance students pursue the same rigorous curriculum as any Alabama public school student.  However, the delivery of that curriculum is packaged in a flexible, customized format.  While the delivery is customized, the quality is consistent.  Certified, experienced administrators and teachers are committed to excellence, just like any brick and mortar school.  ARS delivers flexibility without compromising integrity.

    ARS offers a structured, challenging and personalized program designed to prepare students for college and career goals.  Each student’s coursework is designed to prepare each student to accomplish their specific academic and personal goals.  The individual curriculum plan is designed collaboratively around the particular interests of each student, and  it strives to enable each student to realize his or her potential. The plan is at the center of each student's success.

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