• The Athens City School District offers students access to a variety of technological resources to complement instruction and to encourage creativity, collaboration, and communication. The purpose of the Power Up Program is to expand this access by providing each student with a digital device during an academic year for use at school and, in some grade levels, at home.  
    This form is for AHS and AMS students in grades 6-12 and also for ARS students in grades K-12. Traditional students in grades K-5 do not complete this form.

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Technology: Our Purpose

  • Technology


    The Department of Technology strives to provide teachers and staff with the technology resources needed to complete work tasks and improve student learning. The use of technology permeates all aspects of personal and professional lives and is a vital part of everyday life.

    The school district maintains a 1 Gigabit network to the desktops and 10 Gigabit to the core.  We have a 10 GB fiber wide area network (WAN) with 15 physical servers, 55 virtual servers. Our physical inventory currently maintains approximately 400 desktops, 3,624 MacBooks, and 2,295 iPads. There is a combination of Promethean interactive whiteboards and Viewsonic Interactive Panels in all classrooms.  All of our schools have 802.11 AC Wave 2 wireless technology to support the use of the mobile devices.  

    The school system’s digital learning initiative, Powerup, has achieved its goal of every student and teacher having a mobile device. A mobile learning environment creates the opportunity for collaboration among students and, most importantly, extends the learning well beyond the school day.  To learn more about this program, visit our PowerUP page.

    The technology department works to maintain local area and wide area networks by enhancing data wiring and network equipment. Internet filtering software is used, not only at the district level, but also at the device level, in an attempt to protect students and staff from inappropriate information on the internet. Virus control, anti-ransomware, and anti-spam software are also used to protect computers and the network from computer viruses and spam mail. The school district has an "Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy" that outlines acceptable uses of the internet and the equipment provided by the district. Employees and students are expected to abide by the policies outlined in this document.

    The integration of technology into the curriculum is a priority. This goals of this department are to help teachers identify ways to enhance their curricula goals with the use of technology and improve their personal productivity by utilizing technology tools. Student technology competencies are outlined in the 2018 Digital Literacy and Computer Science Course of Study. This document helps teachers identify appropriate technology activities based on grade level. To help achieve these goals, various technology-related staff development opportunities are offered to teachers during the school year and during the summer.

    The department welcomes suggestions for improvement and volunteers. Please feel free to contact us or drop by our office at any time. The office telephone number is 256.233.6600.

    The Office of Technology Resources is located in Athens City Schools District Office at 455 U.S. Highway 31 N., Athens, Alabama 35611.



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