Dual Enrollment at AHS

  • Dual Enrollment Student

    About Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment at Athens High School allows eligible students to enroll in college classes
    concurrently with high school classes to receive both high school and college credit. Students
    are responsible for all fees, tuition, transportation and other related expenses for dual

    Requirements for Dual Enrollment

    • The student must be in the 10th , 11th or 12th grade.
    • The student must have a “B” average overall in high school core courses.
    • The student must have written approval of the principal and the local superintendent of education prior to college registration.
    • The student must meet the entrance requirements established by the participating college/post-secondary institution.
    • Students must successfully pass three semester credit hours at the post-secondary level in the same or related subject.
    • English courses require six semester hours at a postsecondary institution for one high school credit.

    Dual enrollment courses are offered with the following post-secondary institutions:

    • Calhoun Community College
    • Wallace State Community College
    • University of Alabama
    • University of North Alabama
    • University of Alabama at Huntsville