Understanding Diploma Options

  • Graduation

    Diploma & Endorsements Overview

    Athens High School offers one diploma option from the Alabama State Department of Education. It is known as the Alabama High School Diploma. AHS offers two endorsements; the Honors Endorsement and the Career Ready (Career Technical Education or CTE) Endorsement. Both the Honors and Career Ready Endorsements include a rigorous curriculum, challenge our students to achieve their highest potential and prepare them for success after graduation. Students do not have to chose an endorsement to earn an Alabama High School Diploma. 

    Honors Endorsement

    The Honors Endorsement requires students to complete honors courses in English and math along with additional required courses such as  fine arts and foreign language. Students choosing this endorsement are preparing for entrance into post-secondary institutions, be they two or four year.

    Career Ready Endorsement

    The Career Ready (or CTE) Endorsement requires students to complete three or more courses in a specific CTE pathway. Students choosing this endorsement participate in classes that prepare them for post-secondary institutions, two and four year or career opportunities. Students earn career ready credentials as well.