• Change in Board of Education:  Update to Our Community

    May 12, 2021

    Dear ACS Family,

    The Athens City Schools Board of Education has moved from seven board members to five. I am writing to let you know why this change has occurred, how it was executed, and what it means for our school community going forward. 

    In 1972, the Alabama Legislature passed a local law that increased the membership of the Athens City School Board from five to seven members. In the years since then, there were some changes to the general laws of the State that created the question of whether the old local law remained in effect.

    Recently, to get an answer to that question, the Athens City Council requested an Attorney General opinion. On May 4, the Attorney General issued an opinion that the 1972 local law had been “impliedly repealed” and that the school board should return to five members. Since two at-large members were currently up for reappointment, the Athens City Council voted on May 10 to not appoint those two members, and to confirm that the board has five members. The two at-large members are Russell Johnson and Tim Green.

    Russell Johnson was appointed to the ACS Board of Education in 2006. He was reappointed in 2011 and again in 2016. He served as President of the Board from 2011 until May of 2021. Mr. Green joined the board in 2011. Both men have served the students, teachers and families of our community with integrity, wisdom and compassion, often making difficult decisions while never losing sight of what matters most -- school and student success that makes a real difference for students and the greater community. I am grateful for their dedication to Athens City Schools over the years and look forward to their continued support in the years to come.

    At the Athens City Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, May 11, board members elected Beverly Malone as President and Jennifer Manville as Vice President.

    Board members are appointed by the Athens City Council. The council has appointed these members in a way that corresponds to each council district in Athens. Your board members are:

    • Shannon Hutton, residing in District 1
    • Jennifer Manville, Vice President, residing in District 2 
    • James Lucas, residing in District 3 
    • Scott Henry, residing in District 4
    • Beverly Malone, President, residing in District 5

    These board members are committed to our schools and community, and will continue to serve students, teachers and families with the same mission and purpose as we work to empower all students for success.

    Thank you for your continued support. 


    Beth Patton


    Athens City Schools