AP & Dual Enrollment Virtual Presentation Spring 2021

  • AHS Students and Parents:

    In lieu of the meeting canceled on March 17 regarding dual enrollment and Advanced Placement, a video of the presentation is available for viewing.


    Students will have the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment courses and Advanced Placement (AP) courses at AHS for the 2021-2022 school year. Course offerings are dependent on course enrollments.

    Dual enrollment opportunities exist with many neighboring post-secondary institutions (Ex: Calhoun, UAH, UNA, Auburn, UA Early College)

    Calhoun Community College will have a meeting regarding dual enrollment on April 13 in a virtual session. Click the link below for meeting information.


    Mrs. LauraLou Smith, an AHS counselor, is available to answer questions. LauraLou.smith@acs-k12.org