Homecoming from the Heart

  • Homecoming in Athens

    Bonfires and dances, football and friends, parades and queens -- all of these things are the sparkling, dazzling and fantastically fun elements of Homecoming. And yet, Homecoming is more. Much more.

    Homecoming is about memory, identity and community.

    There is a reason one of the first questions we ask of a new acquaintance is, “Where are you from?” The answer echoes what each of us truly knows deep inside. Where we come from is forever and inextricably tied to the essence of who we are. There is a particular beauty in the idea of Homecoming. It unites the past and the present in an intensely personal way and as a community.

    Homecoming 2019 Home is the intangible place from which you come that is embedded deep in your soul and is a part of your identity. It is the street you grew up on, the elementary school where you had your first play, the sports field on which you played, the high school from which you graduated. The mention of home conjures poignant images and emotions. It is the physical place in the universe that touches a place in your heart and is stored in your proverbial memory box forever.

    The places and the faces of home are exceedingly special when your home is Athens. An ice cream cone at Kreme Delite, a stroll around The Square, a service at your childhood place of worship, a drive by your elementary school, a burger at Dub’s, a visit to Limestone Drug, a football game at Athens Stadium. These are not just places but rather institutions in the psyche of Athenians across generations. These are the places and faces that we know and love as part of this special community.

    We are a community connected by education. The cornerstone of any home must be solid, firm and dependable. An invaluable foundational layer of this extraordinary community is our school system. The Athens City Schools were founded in 1909. For more than a century, our schools have worked to strengthen and grow our proud sense of tradition, heritage and pride. Our schools are the structures that support and embody the feelings of community, connection and spirit between Athenians. The teachers and staff who have poured themselves into our students decade after decade are the faces that shine so brightly in the memories of all our alumnae. Our teachers today are the memory makers of the future generation of Golden Eagle graduates.

    Home is the place that built you. Home is the place that is constant. Embrace your roots and remember that home is home because it’s the perfect intersection between who you are and where you are. In the spirit of Homecoming, I encourage you to make an intentional connection to the Athens City Schools community. We invite you to share in this rich heritage that is Athens City Schools.

    Connect with us through the Athens City Schools Foundation. Join the Booster Club or volunteer at a school that is special to you. Read books to elementary students.  Pitch in and help a librarian. Find a way to tether yourself to the institutions and people that continue this proud tradition and who know that it truly is great to be a Golden Eagle!

    Homecoming is a unique time and opportunity to link the past and future together in a way that casts a dazzling light on the present. The lasting sparkle is knit into the days between this Homecoming and next. Be a part of the sparkle. 


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