About Us

  • This is our second year here at Athens Renaissance High School.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for students to build essential skills in the context of Robotics and Coding.  We meet for 60 minutes once a week on campus, with additional resources available 24/7 for ALL of our virtual and blended students.  We use Firia Labs' CodeBot and Vex EDR's V5 Clawbot to learn how to code.  We are constantly growing and open for new enrollments.  Our club is designed to give students an opportunity to grow and develop socially and learn robotics and coding in the process. It isn't competitive in nature, so all are welcome.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Michele Mink

I'm new to ARS this year and to Robotics!  It's a new adventure for all of us.  With the emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an up and coming career field, it is becoming imperative that our students are fluent in speaking anything and everything computers.  The careers of today are not necessarily the careers of tomorrow which is why High School Robotics Club is here.  I'm looking forward to learning so much together with you!