Mrs. Michele Mink

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Mrs. Michele Mink

My name is Mrs. Michele Mink; and I teach High School Science at Athens Renassiance School, the Exchange Campus. Welcome to my webpage! I’m so excited that you are here. I teach all of the high school science classes: Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, and Forensics.  I have been teaching for nearly 10 years in a variety of classroom environments, ages, and subject areas from Secondary General Science, Middle School Math, Fourth Grade, and Second Grade. I have taught in traditional brick and mortar schools and alternative schools with at risk students.  

I love to learn new things and am a steadfast believer in being a life-long learner.  My desire is to give students the tools to learn anything life may throw at them now as a high schooler, future college student, and future career changer.  Science is absolutely amazing and never stops changing! The application of science and technology to our world and beyond has enabled us to even be able to have this virtual school!  I am honored to be a part of your lives.

  • How does Odysseyware work?

    Since I will be teaching all of the high school science classes, the details of what you will be learning will be introduced to you in your first Odysseyware lesson of your individualized courses.  So, I won’t get into that at this point. However, I will share with you some points that will be the same for all science courses.

    • We will be usually Odysseyware,, as your primary source of standard-based instruction.
    • Mastering  the content is the primary focus of your independent lesson time, primarily at home (or wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection, the blessing of attending a virtual school).  
    • The pacing is set-up automatically by Odysseyware to be in sync with your end of course date.
    • I will be primarily using Schoology (and other resources as necessary) as a means of sharing with you video links, PDFs, note taking forms, etc..  
    • You are expected to take handwritten notes for all of your Odysseyware lessons and keep them in a folder or binder.  You WILL be permitted and encouraged to use these notes on your quizzes throughout each unit and your tests at the end of each unit.  A lot of the help I provide on Schoology will be graphic organizers and note taking templates to help you learn and master the science content which will also be expected to be kept in a folder or binder along with your notes.
    • Your grades will be recorded and analyzed weekly to make sure you are making adequate progress in all of your classes.  If it is determined that you are not making adequate progress in science, I will be contacting you to see what we need to do to help you improve. 
    • If you are a Blended 1.0 or 2.0 student, you will be participating in cross-curricular projects with the other teachers as well.
    • During the Blended Instructional Time at the Exchange Campus, there will be times that I will pull you, either individually or as small groups, to a group work area to give you more individualized instruction, including science projects and experiments.

    What is expected of my students?

    Follow the ARS Student Commitments:  

    1. I will do my very best work and will participate in learning activities.  
    2. I will complete my own work and will not copy or cheat.  
    3. I will keep track of my own learning and ask my teacher or parent if I need help.  
    4. I will respect students and adults and follow school rules.