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    Thank you to our community partners. Be sure to stop by and visit them in the lobby of the APAC!

    Special thank you to RJ Young for sponsoring our delicious breakfast, prepared with care by the Athens High School Child Nutrition Program.



    City of Athens

    • Mayor Ronnie Marks
    • Councilman Harold Wales
    • Councilman Wayne Harper
    • Councilman James Lucas
    • Danny Crawford, State Representative
    • Dr. Wayne Reynolds, Alabama Board of Education District 8 Representative
    • Athens City Schools Board of Education:
      • President Beverly Malone
      • Vice-President Shannon Hutton 
      • Scott Henry 
      • Anthony Townsend
      • Karen Clem

    Athens City Schools Foundation Board Members

    • Marcia Day
    • Brian Patterson 



    According to medical science, HK Derryberry should never have survived his traumatic birth. Born July 8, 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee, this two-pound baby boy arrived three months premature due to a single-car crash that took his mother's life. Because of the accident and his premature birth, he was born blind, with cerebral palsy and countless other medical problems. Raised by his grandmother when his father abandoned him at age five, HK's life was forever changed in 1999 when he unexpectedly met Jim Bradford, a local business executive. HK and Jim became inseparable. Jim's personal mentoring and constant interaction exposed HK to a world he had never experienced.

    After HK began exhibiting noticeable evidence of an incredible memory, Vanderbilt University researchers discovered that he was among a handful of people in the world with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). HK has nearly total recall of every detail and minute of his life since he was 3 ½ years old! Today, HK and Jim's inspirational message of hope captivates and inspires audiences nationwide. HK’s  life is a constant reminder that you can accomplish most anything in life by first determining your personal capabilities, then working tirelessly, never giving up, and always maintaining a positive attitude.

    Athens City Schools is proud to welcome our guest speakers, HK Derryberry and Jim Bradford!