Athens Intermediate School Latchkey Program

  • AIS Latchkey Program

    Latchkey Registration Forms Purpose
    The program is designed to meet the needs of working parents in our community. We will provide a safe, enriching and nurturing environment for students. Assistance will be given to students to promote their physical, educational and psychological growth. The program is structured, but allows children the freedom to choose from and to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities. A typical day includes:
    3:00 – 3:15 Roll call and snack in the cafeteria
    3:15 - 5:00 Homework and Scheduled activities for all grades which include supervised play

    The Latchkey program is equipped and staffed for fourth and fifth grade students. Student must be enrolled at Athens Intermediate School to attend Latchkey. The program is available on a full- time basis only; drop- in or daily rate services are NOT available at AIS.

    Hours of Operation
    AIS Latchkey hours are from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.
    Extended Day: Children will report to designated areas immediately after school is dismissed and are to be picked up by 5:00 P.M. If your child is picked up late the charge will be $1.00 for every minute you are late. If you are repeatedly late, your child may be dismissed from the program.

    Children will be provided a quiet, supervised setting in a teacher’s classroom or the lunchroom, in which to do homework. Children are responsible for bringing all books, materials, and assignments to the homework area. The extended day staff is not responsible for checking with the classroom teacher about assignments nor supplying paper, pencils, books, etc. It is the responsibility of parents to check the child’s homework.

    Health and Safety
    If your child becomes ill or injured while attending our program, he/she will be isolated and you will be notified to pick up the child immediately. All information concerning the child’s personal and medical information must be kept updated and current. Any changes or updated information should be reported to the extended day program. This program does not offer accident insurance on the children enrolled in the program.

    Emergency Plan/ Cancellation of Activities
    Drills during the Latchkey program will be conducted periodically. An emergency plan of action has been developed and will be followed in the event of a tornado warning, storm warning, fire, etc. Should the child need to be checked out during one of the described conditions, it is required that the child be checked out directly with the supervising personnel.
    The Latchkey program will follow the schedule of the school. If schools are closed due to holidays or inclement weather, the Latchkey program will not offer services and no fee will be charged for these days. The Latchkey Program will operate on the school calendar.

    All school rules are in place for daycare. The disciplining of children will be consistent and fair. Limits and rules will be explained to the children. When a child exhibits disruptive behavior such as fighting, abusive language, disrespect, or disobedience, a discipline form will be given to the parent. Upon the second infraction, the parent may be called to pick-up the child. Additional offenses may result in dismissal from the program. A child dismissed from the program will not be eligible for re-enrollment in the program.

    Children may not leave the school premises until they have been released to a responsible adult. Your child will be released only to those authorized on the child’s registration form. In an emergency, notification for your child to leave with someone else should be given to the program.

    Dress Code
    All children will be expected to follow the dress code established by the Athens City Board of Education.

    The school provides a healthy snack every afternoon to the Extended Day Program. If your child has “food related” allergies, this should be on file with the program.

    Tuition is due on Monday by 5:00 P.M. of each week. A late fee of $5.00 will be charged if payment is not received on Monday. Children may be dismissed from the program after two weeks of non- payment of fees.
    Checks should be made payable to the school. The check must have a current phone number and address listed or will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the parent to have correct change when making cash payments. No change will be given.
    All fees are payable as scheduled regardless of attendance. This means if a child attends one or five days during the week, he/she is charged the weekly rate. Exemptions from payment will be given only for death of an immediate family member, illness involving one week or more in duration, school-closed holidays, or weather days.

    Rates based on a 5 day week 
    1 child $25
    2 children $45
    3 children $65

    Do you have a question about Latchkey that was not answered above? Please contact AIS Principal Mitzi Dennis at Thank you!