Photo of Mrs. Bounds
  • I have often described myself as a pearl. Not because I consider myself a precious gem but that I have been polished, and continue to be polished, by the tides of experience. I grew up as a "Navy Brat" and spent a lot of my youth pushing and pulling from coast to coast. Though we finally settled in Huntsville, Alabama, where I attended high school, I feel that my core is constructed of seashells and salty air. This movement has shaped how I interact with the world, how I adapt to it, how I envision it, and how I plan to make it a better place by doing the most important job on this earth: educating minds.

    I have to admit, it took a while to find my calling. I received a BA from the University of South Alabama in English: Creative Writing, a BA from University of Alabama in Huntsville in Studio Art: Graphic Design, and then finally figured out, after working in the graphic design field for a bit, that watching and being a part of humans learning and growing was my passion. I have since then received my BA in Elementary Education from UAH and my MS in Education: Gifted from Samford. A day has not gone by that I have not utilized all my passions and talents. I regret none of my journey. 

    My husband, Kevin, and our three children (Maggie, Paige, and Alex) live in Madison, AL. Each have their own passions--from languages, to music, to computers, to art, to theater. We encourage our kids to go after what they love doing. Our youngest child starts UAB this fall. We plan on utilizing our empty nest to travel as much as possible! One child is in an ensemble that travels the world to perform. I plan on seeing as many of her plays as possible.

    The strongest tides of my life have been in teaching. I taught 4th grade at Columbia Elementary for 9 years, Gifted Education at Rainbow Elementary for 2 years, and worked as an Elementary Instructional Specialist for three years in Madison City before I made the leap to Athens to try something new and exciting. This is my fourth year at ARS. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Renaissance school on their journey to simply find exactly what every student needs to be their best and to make a positive impact on the world.