Fall Orientation at AIS

  • AIS Students

    Fall Orientation Dates for 2018-2019 

    • Fourth Grade - Monday, August 27 from 5-6 pm
    • Fifth Grade - Monday, August 27 from 6:30-7:30 pm
    • We will have our first PTO meeting this night from 6-6:25 pm

    Each summer, AIS offers fall orientation for all fourth and fifth grade students and families. This is is a great opportunity for parents and students to prepare for the school year ahead in detail. This orientation is packed with important and helpful information. Topics typically include the basics, such as drop off and pick up times and locations. The principal will cover policies, procedures and processes important to the student experience.  Families can also expect information on curriculum, academic expectations and more. 


    Some quick notes about back to school for fall 2018:

    • Families will receive a letter in the mail about 10 days before school starts with their teacher assignment.
    • Parents may bring supplies to orientation if they have them. This typically makes the morning of the first day back easier on parents, teachers and students alike!

    • The AIS supply lists are available online at https://www.acs-k12.org/Page/1308

    • There is no schedule pickup for AIS this year. As a true elementary school, AIS will be following an elementary schedule this year. This means students stay with their homeroom class all day.

    We are looking forward to an amazing year!