Why Athens Renaissance School Virtual?

  • - Nationally accredited
    Athens Renaissance School is nationally accredited, meaning our students will enjoy the highest possible standard of education. Athens Renaissance students will get to experience the best of both worlds—all the resources offered through the public school system without having to sacrifice the freedom and flexibility that come with homeschooling. 

    - Free to Alabama families
    The benefit of an Athens Renaissance School education is that it costs nothing. While schools like the Athens Renaissance School seem like they would cost a fortune, and they sometimes do. But ARS is totally free to Athens families and even comes with added incentives. Students will be provided with state-of-the art technology to help them meet their course demands, personalized and on-demand instruction, and a quality education that comes with flexibility and choice. And again, it’s all free. 

    - Offers Advanced Placement (AP)® and Early College courses
    A common concern for parents, students enrolled in the Athens Renaissance School have the option to earn college credit through Advanced Placement programs and Early College courses, preparing them for the next level of their education.  

    - Instruction anytime, anywhere
    As a student with Athens Renaissance School, you determine how, where and when you receive your education. We work hard to tailor our instruction to fit your scheduling demands, meaning you never have to miss out on school and you’ll always be ready to ace your tests. 

    - Expansive curriculum options for students in grades K-12
    Whatever level of instruction your student requires, we’re prepared to provide it. Students from kindergarten to high school will have flexibility in following their educational path, ensuring that they have the opportunity to excel beyond their peers in the traditional public school system.

     - Over 150 course offerings in grades 9-12
    Athens Renaissance School offers a wide array of courses so that no student will be forced to settle on a course they don’t like. We work with the best educators in the business to design each individual course, guaranteeing a perfect fit for students of all backgrounds and interests. 

    - Strategic, personalized scheduling to ensure students are prepared for college and career success Athens Renaissance School teachers and counselors are always on call to listen to concerns, provide last-minute instructional support, and work on a plan that accommodates each student’s needs and goals. In the traditional public school model, it can often be difficult for students and teachers to establish a line of consistent communication to address educational needs. At Athens Renaissance School, teachers, students, and parents are partners in education. We devise the strategy that best fits your student’s vision and help them execute it. 

    - Alabama certified teachers in every grade level and content area
    Our teachers are certified, proven professionals. They’re dedicated to their job, invested in each student’s goals, and willing to put in the work to assist each and every student on their path to success. 

    - Face-to-Face and virtual teacher support
    No more after class visits. No more cancelling plans to make it to parent-teacher conferences. Athens Renaissance School teachers meet you where you are, at whatever time works best for you. Face-to-Face and virtual teacher support allows for parents, students, and their teachers to connect in a way that benefits all, safeguarding the personal connection between student and teacher that’s been proven to help students stay engaged and invested in their schooling.