• These days, more and more families are deciding that the traditional model of public schooling doesn’t provide the right fit for their children’s educational needs. At the same time, innovations in technology, a growing pool of specialized educators, and a turn toward progressive educational policies have led to the development of new educational platforms. Athens Renaissance School Virtual represents a viable alternative to the traditional K-12 public school model.

    Though public school is meant to benefit everyone, in practice, an individual student’s experience may vary. Some find the demands of the traditional classroom setting too challenging, while others leave school feeling like they’re not being challenged enough. Certain students may also experience difficulty balancing the demands of their out-of-school lives with the rigid daily school schedule. Extra-curricular activities with aggressive training schedules, addressing important health concerns, or even a desire to be closer to one’s family can derail a student’s education, leaving them on unequal footing with their peers. As for homeschooling parents, some might find themselves struggling to keep up with the expertise-level needed to provide adequate instruction for their children once their education progresses to the higher levels. 

    The Athens Renaissance School Virtual offers these students a new choice: a nationally-accredited, personalized education tailored to the needs of each individual student and their families, with full access to top-notch educational resources.