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Understanding LeanStream Fundraising in ACS

Welcome to LeanStream 

What exactly is LeanStream?
It is a new online fundraising platform that has a number of features designed for your teachers, support organizations and parents. Everything happens online, and it is quick and easy.

It has two main features – a Needs Gallery and the WiFi on the Go program.

The Needs Gallery is where teachers, support organizations and schools can post classroom, school, program or district needs and you can donate to them. It is quick and easy like a number of other crowdfunding solutions except this one is built for our school district. It is straightforward and transparent.

The second major part of the program is called the WiFi on the Go program. Partnering with T-Mobile, LeanStream is able to make portable hotspot devices available to employees and parents of students at a special cost and offer unlimited data and internet with no data throttling or deprioritization.

How do I participate?
To lend your support to the Needs Gallery, simply visit the Needs Gallery website and make your donation.

To receive a mobile hotspot as part of the Wifi on the Go program, you sign up on the LeanStream website to make a recurring $50 donation each month. Once you make your first payment, the device gets shipped to you ready to operate.  Click here and get started today!

How does this benefit my child’s school?
By supporting the needs of the classroom teachers through the Needs Gallery, both teachers and students benefit by enriching the classrooms.

For every participant in the WiFi on the Go program from your school, the school gets over $10 per month per “line.”

So what are you waiting for? Click here and get started today!