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Standards-Based Report Cards


Elementary Report Cards

As Athens City Schools continues to enhance the quality of education for all students, we recognize that parents and families play a vital role as partners in their child's education. Just as teachers do, parents and guardians require accurate and meaningful information about their child's strengths, challenges, and academic performance to better comprehend and support their learning journey.
With this in mind, Athens City Schools is implementing improvements to the standards-based report cards for students in grades K-5, starting in the 2023-2024 school year. These updated report cards are designed to provide clearer communication into what students are expected to learn at each grade level and to more accurately measure their progress towards meeting these standards. In conjunction with these report cards, we will introduce proficiency scales. These scales outline the specific knowledge and skills students need to demonstrate in order to achieve proficiency in each academic standard. They will help parents and guardians understand the scores reported each quarter and provide guidance on what students need to learn and do to progress toward grade-level proficiency.
For students in grades K-5, the report card will feature a rating scale of 1-4 for the priority standards in English language arts and math in grades K-5 and science and social studies in grades 4-5.  It is important to note that throughout the year, you should expect to see your child's scores improve. This is because the grade level standards are designed to measure what is expected of students by the end of the academic year. A score of 3 indicates that your child is meeting the end-of-year grade-level expectations, which is our goal for all students.
Please keep in mind that a score of 4 is quite rare, even at the end of the year. A 4 signifies that a student has exceeded the grade-level skills required for that subject."