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Board Policy

Athens City Board of Education

The purpose of the Board Policy Manual is to set forth the policies of the Athens City Board of Education in compliance with the Board’s statutory mandate that it determine, with the advice of the Superintendent of Schools (Superintendent), the educational policies of the Athens City Schools (ACS) system subject to the applicable bylaws, rules and regulations of the Alabama State Board of Education. The Board Policy Manual includes policies which are either required by federal and state law or regulation or are, in the Board’s judgment, necessary and appropriate in order for the school system to operate in a lawful, appropriate and effective manner.

The purpose of the policies contained in the manual is to establish direction, goals and criteria which will allow the ACS system to provide superior instruction and service to its students and stakeholders. In the event a matter or topic is not specifically addressed by a policy set forth herein, the Board and the Superintendent reserve the right to administer, direct and control the operation of the public school system in all matters under their jurisdiction in the absence of such policy.