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Strategic Plan

Mission 2030

Mission 2030 begins with One Athens, the guiding light that fosters collaboration and unity within the district and the broader community. Under One Athens, partnerships and connections thrive, fostering an exchange of ideas and best practices for the benefit of all stakeholders. One Athens played a key role in creating the ACS Portrait of a Graduate, a shared vision representing our community's aspirations for all students.
Mission 2030 embraces the collective vision of the ACS Portrait of a Graduate, preparing students not only for academic achievement but also for success in their personal and professional lives beyond the classroom. It is a bold mission, driven by valuable insights from educators and stakeholders, dedicated to staying relevant in a constantly evolving educational landscape.
Mission 2030 consists of four interconnected, strategic goals with specific commitments that are aligned with our district's vision, mission, and values.  Mission 2030 will serve as the guiding framework for our transformative journey toward 2030 to ensure we achieve our mission of empowering all students for lifelong success in a rapidly changing world.