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District Snapshot

ACS District Snapshot 2023 by Athens City Schools
Athens City Schools is a K-12 public school district serving Athens, Alabama since 1909.
Our mission is to be a progressive, high-quality school system that connects students and their families to a caring, traditional community. The Athens City School System offers students the best of two worlds - a world of deep tradition and heritage and one of progress and preparing for the future. With only eight schools and low student to teacher ratios, students personally know their teachers and their classmates. This allows for a deeper relationship between our students and their teachers and creates and atmosphere of trust among students. Our students see their teachers at school, at the ballparks, and in our churches. Our schools reflect the attitude of this community, which is one of caring and nurturing.

However, don't let our small town atmosphere fool you. Our schools provide academically challenging learning environments that ensure students develop 21st century skills and that they are college and career ready. Students have opportunities to participate in several Career and Technical Education clusters: Computer Science, Education and Training, Engineering, Finance, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology and JROTC. These programs are offered to students with continuing courses that provide credentials to students. Credentials offered to students include WorkKeys, ServSafe, Certified Patient Care, Praxis for Paraprofessionals, Quickbooks and more. Advanced Placement course offerings are available to students in grades 11-12 in the areas of English and Language Arts, Spanish Language, Biology, Chemistry, US History, Calculus and Psychology. There are 19 Dual Enrollment courses offered to students in grades 10-12. Dual Enrollment opportunities include both academic and Career and Technical Education programs. Electives are offered to students in the areas of fine arts, foreign languages, English and Language Arts, social sciences, and Career and Technical Education programs.

Each year graduates of Athens High School are awarded hundreds of scholarships from two and four-year colleges throughout the United States. The highly acclaimed Athens High School Band consistently receives awards in recognition of its outstanding musical and marching performances. The athletic programs within the school system are also second to none. Academic organizations such as math and science clubs, vocational clubs and art clubs participate in numerous competitions throughout the state. Quality, academic achievement and sportsmanship are woven throughout all school-related activities.

The school system also offer enrichment classes and opportunities for gifted students while also providing a full inclusion setting for special needs students. Athens City Schools has implemented a Student Advocacy Program in each school to help ensure that each student is well-known by at least one adult advocate in the school. The advocate supports the student's educational experience. The adult advocate meets with students routinely on topics and issues relating to grades, college entrance, standardized tests and organization. In tandem with enhanced intervention support, the school utilizes an effective communication system to reach parents and stakeholders on all matters related to the school community. This system notifies parents of academic and extracurricular opportunities that occur on campus, as well as peripheral events and alerts involving support activities, attendance, safety, behavior issues and other important matters related to student learning as necessary.

The Athens City School System has a long history and reputation for academic excellence. Student test scores are above the state average and always compare well to national averages. Dedicated teachers and staff combined with involved parents and a supportive community contribute to the success achieved by our students.