Digital Citizenship

  • A digital citizen is someone who uses web-based communication and collaboration tools as part of his or her daily routine to share ideas, plan activities, and stay in touch with others.


    Digital Citizens blog, comment, like, chat, tweet, connect, and follow--they "live" on the Internet and use it to stay in touch and build relationships, often with people they may never have met in person.  In using these web-based tools, however, students must learn basic skills for communicating effectively.  They must have basic computer literacy skills, web literacy skills – how to distinguish between information that is credible and information that is not,  how to determine if websites are private and secure, and understand the difference between synchronous (Skype) and asynchronous communication (email).


    To address these topics, the school district utilizes the curriculum resources provide by Common Sense Media.  Examples of the units provided in their curriculum include:


    • Internet Safety

    • Privacy & Security

    • Relationships & Communication

    • Cyberbullying

    • Digital Footprint & Reputation

    • Self-image & Identity

    • Information Literacy

    • Creative Credit & Copyright