Technology for Remote Students

  • iPads with keyboards/cases will be available to every student that does not have a device available at home to use with remote learning.

    iPad Distribution IPAD

    Distribution of iPads for remote learning students will be announced at a later date and will meet all safety protocols to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission.  

    Technology Use Agreement

    All parents and students must agree to the Technology Use Agreement prior to receiving an ACS device for remote learning.

    Technology Fees

    FEES Students in grades K-12 will have the following fee for usage of an ACS device during remote learning. Fees will be as follows:

    Device Protection Plan Fee to be Paid by Student/Parent/Guardian*

    Non-Refundable Per School Year Fee

    Regular Fee



    Free/Reduced Lunch Fee


    Applies to students currently qualified for free/reduced lunches 

    Multiple Child Fee


    Applies to parents/guardians with multiple children enrolled in Athens Middle or Athens High who do not qualify for free/reduced lunches.

    *Payment plans may be established if needed prior to receipt of the device. Parents should contact the school office regarding this process.  These fees are required per academic year.

    Tech Support

    • Students needing technical support must email the librarian at their local school and we will address each student's situation for support.
    • School librarian/media specialist contact info can be found on your school's website.


    • It is necessary that the students choosing the remote option have a reliable, high-speed internet connection at home.
    • Please let your principal know if WiFi is needed.
    • ACS has Verizon MIFI Hotspots available for checkout for a fee of $20 a month.


    WIFI A list of community hot spots will be provided and there will be areas in Athens where the internet will be available. 

    School WiFi is available in the following parking lot areas:


    AES Clinton Street - Front parking lot. WIFI is available on the west face of the South building.
    AIS WIFI is available on the North side of building facing Washington Street
    AMS WIFI is available on the North West end of building
    AMS BASEBALL FIELDS Baseball Stadium - facing the stadium
    AMS FOOTBALL FIELD Football press box facing the field
    BES WIFI is available on the West side facing upper parking lot
    CES WIFI is available at the front door facing North
    JNES WIFI is available at the front door facing West
    AHS WIFI is available in the student parking lot on the North side and in parking lot on the South Side
    ARS HIGH SCHOOL WIFI is available via the City Free Wifi on the Square.

    Learn more about the ACS Remote Option.


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