Payroll Accounting & Benefits in Athens City Schools

  • The Athens City Schools Payroll Accounting and Benefits Office handles payroll accounting for school system employees. Responsiblities include annual W-2 processing, paycheck tracking, issuing stop payments, reconciling payroll data, filing and reporting payroll taxes and employee insurance, and maintaining accurate accounting records. Our Payroll Accounting Office is managed by Payroll and Benefits Specialist Marjorie Onder. The Payroll Accounting Office reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative and Financial Services. 

    Originally from Hazel Green, Marjorie is a graduate of Hazel Green High School and holds a degree in Management with a Minor in Finance from Athens State University. Marjorie previously worked as a payroll supervisor for Huntsville City Schools, and she brings 11 years of payroll experience to her role in ACS. In this role, Marjorie is responsible for payroll, leave, and benefits. She is incredibly passionate about serving as the Payroll and Benefits Specialist, and she understands employee benefits and compensation needs are both deeply personal and important. It is important to Marjorie that each employee feels comfortable coming to her with any question or need, no matter how big or how small. She is here to serve and support our ACS family as thye serve and support our students. She has an open-door policy and enocourages employees to contact her anytime. 
    ACS employees can reach her at  or extension 1111.

    Marjorie Onder

    Marjorie Onder
    ACS Payroll & Benefits Specialist