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  • Eagle's NEST Preschool Program

    Enrollment criteria: Program enrollment will be available to children ages 3 -5 years of age as of September 1, 2019 and are residents of Athens City Schools jurisdiction.

    The Athens City Schools Preschool Program "Eagles NEST" goal is to provide quality services to young children between the ages of 3 to 5 years of age with diverse abilities. Children will be given opportunities to gain developmental skills in a structured preschool environment. Developmental skill areas will be addressed through instruction, art, movement, songs, self-help, the use of technology, and interaction with others. A preschool curriculum used and will include those skills that will prepare each student to best be ready for Kindergarten as possible. The preschool class will be staffed with a certified teacher and at least one instructional assistant who meet the requirements for the State of Alabama, the Athens City Schools, and No Child Left Behind criteria for employment.

    The preschool program is housed at Athens Elementary School. Two classrooms in the oldest section of the building is used for this program.

    The Reading/Early Literacy Program curriculum for this proposed program will be the Storytown Pre-Kindergarten Program by the Harcourt Publisher. The curriculum aligns with K-6 reading curriculum chosen by our Textbook Committee. Athens City newly adopted Harcourt Storytown for students Grades K-6. The Storytown Pre-Kindergarten curriculum provides tremendous opportunities for children to develop early literacy skills through a print-rich environment that focuses on oral-language development, phonological awareness, concepts about print, alphabet knowledge, early stages of writing, and Listening comprehension. Other supplemental materials will be used to augment the program such as: Mathematics Curriculum, Creative Curriculum, the arts (music, dance/motion, and visual arts), use of technology, basic sign language, and an introduction to Spanish and Writing Without Tears. All instructional material chosen has taken into consideration taken the diverse range of student learners/participants, that the curriculum be challenging and engage each student at their own level at various times during the school day. The program will address the prerequisites for Kindergarten and will be aligned with the skills included in the Alabama Courses of Study (COS). Language skills will also be a primary focus of the proposed program. Activities will be offered to make this program a language-enriched environment.

    Please call 256-233-6600 for more information.