Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blended Education?

It is a great alternative to the traditional brick and mortar style of learning. Alabama Renaissance Public Charter School combines technology, personalized instruction, and interactive curriculum with highly qualified teachers to meet the needs of every child.

What is the advantage of Blended Education?

Students of Alabama Renaissance School can do school anytime, anywhere.  The flexibility is definitely an advantage. Students can often finish a day’s worth of coursework with time to spare, which allows them to pursue other interests. High school students can even explore occupations and try out jobs during hours that most high school students aren't available.

What makes Alabama Renaissance unique?

We offer many different platform opportunities to try to meet the needs of the individual student. We work hard to tailor our instruction to fit your scheduling demands, meaning you never have to miss out on school and you’ll always be ready to ace your tests.

Alabama Renaissance School offers a wide array of courses so that no student will be forced to settle on a course they don’t like. We work with the best educators in the business to design each individual course, guaranteeing a perfect fit for students of all backgrounds and interests.

Is Alabama Renaissance School accredited?

Yes, Alabama Renaissance Public Charter School is nationally accredited.

What about extra-curricular activities such as sports, clubs and events?

Students will have on-demand access to numerous resources to help with the next stage of their education or career path. ACT test prep, scholarship assistance, college counseling, club participation, and resume development are all offered through Alabama Renaissance School.

Will I be provided with a device?

Yes, a Google Chromebook will be provided to all students.

Can I use my own device?

Yes, you may use your own device.

Can I use my smartphone?

Yes, you may use your smartphone.

How are students supported by teachers and others?

Teachers are in regular contact with students. Low student-to-faculty ratios at Alabama Renaissance School ensure that every student gets ample attention and help when they need it. Our teachers meet you where you are, at whatever time works best for you. Face-to-Face and virtual teacher support allows for parents, students, and their teachers to connect in a way that benefits all, safeguarding the personal connection between student and teacher that’s been proven to help students stay engaged and invested in their schooling.

Do students have to participate in district/state assessments?

Yes, all students participate in the required state assessments per Alabama law for charter schools.

Does my child have to report to a physical location?

No, ARS offers a true non-traditional model that does not require seat time in a traditional classroom. Face-to-face teacher support is readily available to every student in all subject areas to support student learning when needed.

Will attendance be taken?

Students are expected to actively participate in all courses on a weekly basis in order to maintain educational integrity. Students are considered truant if there is no participation in the online courses for more than one week without prior approval and will be reported as truant to the proper authorities. Students consistently behind in one or more courses may be withdrawn.

Will a diploma from ARS help me enroll in college, obtain a scholarship or gain employment?

Yes, ARS offers a standard high school diploma that meets state and school board requirements. Our school is accredited by AdvancED which is recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

Is ARS an option for any student?

ARS is a public school serving students in grades K-12 in the state of Alabama.

How do I know if blended learning is right for me?

A successful blended learner is a motivated, self-starter and is committed to the success of his or her education. While ARS offers world-class educational opportunities, there is a high degree of accountability placed upon the student. That can only be achieved by putting forth much effort. Like anything, the more effort you put into your education, the greater the benefit. Any student seeking a quality education through a flexible format is a potential ARS student. ARS students are students who benefit from individualized instruction. Feel free to speak with our school counselor if you have questions regarding ARS.

As a parent, how do I know my child is learning?

All courses include meaningful assessments of student learning. Teachers are in regular contact with all students. In addition, students are required to take standardized tests to meet promotion and graduation standards and so that their learning can be compared to students statewide.

Does ARS offer AP and/or Dual Enrollment?

A common concern for parents, students enrolled in the Alabama Renaissance School have the option to earn college credit through Advanced Placement programs and Early College courses, preparing them for the next level of their education.

What if a student has questions or problems while taking a course?

Alabama Renaissance School teachers and counselors are always on call to listen to concerns, provide last-minute instructional support, and work on a plan that accommodates each student’s needs and goals. Students are assigned an instructor for each course. Instructors are available via email. Support services are available to all Alabama Renaissance School students through our guidance department.

Is there a cost to attend ARS?

ARS is totally free to Alabama families and even comes with added incentives. Students will be provided with state-of-the art technology to help them meet their course demands, personalized and on-demand instruction, and a quality education that comes with flexibility and choice. And again, it’s all free. Some course fees may apply as exists in all public schools.

Does ARS offer courses in the summer?

Students will have the option to take summer courses for a fee for credit advancement or credit recovery similar to those offered in a traditional public school.

How many courses can be taken during one semester?

Students move at their own pace through the curriculum. As a student completes courses, he/she may move on to the next course content.

How do you accommodate students with special needs?

ARS follows all laws under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Do parents receive a progress report?

A student’s progress is continually reported through our online system so you never have to wonder how your child is performing.

What companies provide the online curriculum/courses?

Our content is built and provided by expert content providers both on local and national levels. We utilize a variety of content providers to ensure that courses contain rigorous, interactive content to maximize the learning experience.