The Athens City Schools Brand

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    About the Brand
    The Athens City Schools brand is the combination of colors, logos, emblems, images and banners that promote our district. There are carefully chosen fonts, pantone colors, designs and logos that have been selected to visually represent Athens City Schools to our community, students, teachers and potential families. It’s the “look” of the schools and the system, and we are understandably proud of it. Ultimately, our brand serves to shape the associations, value judgments, feelings and ideas associated with Athens City Schools. Our brand is a tool used to tell our story. Therefore, it is our policy that implementation and use of the brand adhere to rigorous standards of consistency.

    Branding Guidelines & Use of Trademarked Images
    Athens City Schools brand guidelines outline the appropriate uses of all trademarked district and school logos. This includes Athens colors, fonts and style guidelines. The use of logos or images is subject to copyright and approval from the Office of Communications. No official images or logos may be used for profit. This does not include school fundraising efforts. To obtain trademark licensing permission along with a copy of the Athens City Schools Brand Style Guide, colors, high-resolution images or logos (used by professional printers), contact

Athens Brand Style Guide