About First Class Pre-K

  • First Class Pre-K Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now closed.

    Parents may still apply to be placed on the waitlist for possible future Pre-K spaces/classrooms for Fall 2021. 

    • The First Class Pre-K Application is still open for anyone interested in joining the waitlist. 
    • Families who are already waitlisted from the initial spring pre-k registration period remain on the waitlist for the new classrooms.
    • Parents who are already on the waitlist (from earlier in the spring) can resubmit an application with their location preference without affecting their status/posiiton on the waitlist.
    • Questions? Email Dr. Jennifer Sallee at jennifer.sallee@acs-k12.org



    What is the Alabama First Class Pre-K Program?

    First Class: Alabama's Voluntary Pre-K is part of the Office of School Readiness within the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education.  First Class Pre-K provides effective, high-quality early childhood experiences that prepare Alabama's children for school success and lifelong learning. 

    Who is eligible to enroll in the Alabama First Class Pre-K Program?

    • Children age 4 on or before September 1, 2021 (FY22)
    • Children must live within Athens City Limits
    • Required documents for enrollment: completed registration form, current utility bill (or proof of residency) and birth certificate. Upon acceptance an Alabama immunization form will be required before your child enters school.

    When is Registration?

    How are the children selected?

    • Selection is by lottery.
    • The spring lottery selection will take place on March 24th, 2021.
    • The lottery will be held at the Athens City Schools Board of Education Central Office located at 455 US Hwy. 31 North, Athens, AL 35611. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, the lottery will not be open to the public.
    • Families will be notified of selection.

    What is the cost for the Alabama First Class Pre-K Program?

    • Tuition ranges from $0 to $300 per month and is determined by a sliding fee scale. The sliding fee scale is based on the annual 2019 Health & Human Services Federal Poverty Guidelines and Levels. 


    Alabama First Class Pre-K Sliding Fee Scale


    Number in Household

    Category 1

    Category 2

    Category 3

    Category 4


    $0 - $34,480

    $34,481 - $51,720

    $51,721 - $68,960



    $0 - $43,440

    $43,441 - $65,160

    $65,161 - $86,880



    $0 - $52,400

    $52,401 - $78,600

    $78,601 - $104,800



    $0 - $61,360

    $61,361 - $92,040

    $92,041 - $122,720



    $0 - $70,320

    $70,321 - $105,480

    $105,481 - $140,640



    $0 - $79,280

    $79,281 - $118,920

    $118,921 - $158,560



    $0 - $88,240

    $88,241 - $132,360

    $132,361 - $176,480




    Parent Fee










    Where are the First Class Pre-K Programs located?

    • There are three First Class Pre-K classes.
    • Two classes are located at Athens Elementary, and one is located at Julian Newman.

    First Class Pre-K registration opens on January 15th, 2021. Choose the button below to apply.


    Is there another preschool choice in Athens City Schools? Yes

    • The Eagles Nest Inclusion Pre-K. Click here to learn more about the Eagles Nest. 
    • Ages 3-5
    • It is tuition based.
    • $35.00 registration fee
    • Registration deadline for the Eagles Nest is March 23, 2021.
    • For more information, contact Dr. Jessica Lynn at 256.232.0212.

    Contact Us

    For more information about the First Class Pre-K Programs in Athens City Schools please contact OSR First Class Pre-K Program Director Dr. Jennifer Sallee:

    256-233-6600 ext. 6309 or jennifer.sallee@acs-k12.org


First Class Pre-K Flyer (English)

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Parent Registration Guide (English)

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Folleto de primera clase de Pre K (español)

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Guía de inscripción para padres (español)

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