This enrollment pathway is for CURRENT students in the district. All rising 1st through 12th grade students must RE-ENROLL each year.

    Re-Enrollment Deadline is July 31, 2022! RE-ENROLL TODAY! 

    HAVE YOU RE-ENROLLED FOR FALL 2022? Athens City Schools is excited to announce Returning Student Registration (Re-Enrollment) for the 2022-2023 school year. Returning Student Registration (Re-Enrollment) is for all current ACS students.  Check your email for a “snap code” from PowerSchool Registration Support and follow the provided instructions. Remember, you will receive a separate snap code email for each student currently enrolled in ACS. If a valid email address is not available, a re-enrollment instruction letter will be mailed to the address on record. Please be sure to check all associated email accounts. If you have any questions about re-enrollment, please contact your school. RE-ENROLLMENT DEADLINE IS JULY 31, 2022.

    STEP 1: CHECK YOUR EMAIL  Please make sure to check both your Inbox and Spam/Junk email folders for an email from PowerSchool. Emails were sent on July 7. The Returning Student Registration email contains the directions and snap code to re-enroll your student. You will receive a separate email for each student currently enrolled in ACS. If your student did not have a valid email address associated, please contact your school to obtain your snap code.

    STEP 2: USE THE LINK OR SNAPCODE IN YOUR EMAIL TO RE-ENROLL Follow the instructions in the PowerSchool email to re-enroll your student. You must complete the information using the web-based version of PowerSchool (on a computer is best!). Re-Enrollment is not available through the PowerSchool app.

    STEP 3: LOG IN OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT  If this is your first time completing the Returning Student Registration form on PowerSchool, you will need to create an account. If you completed the process last year or have access to Parent Portal, you do not need to create a new account. You will follow the instructions on the provided email to complete Returning Student Registration for your ACS student.

    STEP 4 – ENTER/UPDATE INFORMATION Please carefully read and review the student and family information and make any necessary changes. All questions marked as “Required” must be completed before you can submit your form. If you would like to go back to make a change, select “Prev” to view the previous page. Click "Next" to navigate through the process.

    STEP 5 – SUBMIT YOUR FORM  When you have finished updating the information, select “Submit”. This will send all of the information you have entered to your school. If you cannot see the “Submit” button, make sure you have answered all of the required questions. Any missing information will be marked in RED (or click on the summary page for any errors). Once you "Submit", you will receive a confirmation email.

    PLEASE NOTE – You will complete the process above for each returning child you have in Athens City Schools. Follow the instructions on each PowerSchool email to ensure that you are re-enrolling your student correctly. 

    If you have any questions or have not received your snap code email or letter, please reach out to your school Registrar at:

    RE-ENROLLMENT (GRADES 1-4) Snapcode Required (provided in letter or email)

    RE-ENROLLMENT (GRADES 5-12) Snapcode Required (provided in letter or email)


  • There are 3 ways to enroll in Athens City Schools. Please be sure you choose the correct pathway for your student to make your enrollment experience quick and easy! Select one of the following pathways below:

    1 New Student Registration (Enrollment): This pathway is for completely NEW students to the district entering grades 1st-12th; New Student Registration is not for Kindergarten students. All new students to the district may enroll at any time during the year. Please follow the instructions below to enroll your new student in Athens City Schools! 

    2 Returning Student Registration (Re-Enrollment): This enrollment pathway is for CURRENT students in the district. All ACS students must re-enroll each year. Student re-enrollment is typically conducted each spring before the end of the school year. Check your email for directions from PowerSchool to begin the re-enrollment process.  

    3 Kindergarten Registration: This enrollment pathway is for NEW KINDERGARTEN students. Kindergarten registration opens in the spring each year. There are two Kindergarten registration pathways - (1) for brand new families to the ACS system and (2) for families of current students who are adding a kindergartener. Be sure to choose the path that's right for you.