What the Academies Have in Common


    Academy Students

    Inspiring Discovery.

    Every elementary school in Athens City is a theme-based academy. A theme-based academy is a school that emphasizes and builds its academic program around a specific discipline. The Athens Academies are designed to enhance the traditional curriculum through experiential learning delivered through a theme focus to enrich the learning experience. The Athens Academies nurture the seeds of talent and curiosities that exist within a child naturally while still providing a first-rate education in traditional subject areas. Each academy adheres to a common set of fundamentals. 


    • All academies offer a high-quality core curriculum as a strong foundation including English, math, science, social studies, music, art & PE.
    • All academies have an Advisory Council made up of parents, community members, faculty and other stakeholders.
    • All academies offer experiential learning opportunities infused with imagination, negotiation, questioning and connecting to deepen student engagement.
    • All academies have professional training for academy teachers to support them in delivering a high-quality theme curriculum.