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    Students live in an on-demand, technology-dependent world. They learn differently and approach schoolwork differently than students did even a few years ago.  The Athens City School District is meeting the needs of this new generation of learners by increasing student access to computer technology during the school day.

    The PowerUP Program, which ia an 1:1 Apple device initative that began in August of 2015, allows the Athens City School District to provide a challenging, dynamic academic program that integrates the best of traditional education with new and emerging technologies.  Creative teaching strategies combined with engaging technology tools empower students and teachers to reach the highest standards of educational excellence. Rather than teaching technology as a discrete subject, the Athens City School District uses a holistic approach where the technology skills and related computer projects are integrated throughout the daily curriculum to foster active, student-centered, hands-on learning.  The goal of our PowerUP Program is to strengthen the communication, collaboration, and creative ability for all students in all classes.


Power Up