Mayor Ronnie Marks

I believe the Athens City School System embraces the responsibility of providing our city with its future leaders. It is within our Athens City Schools that students learn the skills needed to continue their education, enter the workforce, and become productive citizens.




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Board Policy

Folder Business Management (21 Files)
Download EB-Buildings and Grounds Management
Download EBB-Safety Program
Download EBBC-Emergency Drills
Download EBC - Security
Download EBCA-Vandalism Protection
Download EBCB - Firearms and Weapons-Visitors, Vendors, Etc.
Download EBE-Cleaning Program
Download EBF-Sanitation Program
Download EBI-Long-Range Maintenance Program
Download EC-Equipment and Supplies management
Download ECC-Equipment Inventories
Download ECCF-R1-School Principals and the Use of School Facilities
Download ECCF-R2-Regulations Governing the Use of School Facilities
Download ECCF-Use of School Facilities
Download ECCG-Real Property Sale/Disposal
Download ECCGB-Personal Property Disposal
Download ECCH-Use of Board Owned Vehicles
Download EDAG-Contracts with External Individuals or Agencies
Download EE - School Lunch Management Program
Download EG-Risk Management
Download EGB-Insurance Managment
Folder Fiscal Management (19 Files)
Download DA-Goals and Objectives
Download DC-Annual Operating Budget
Download DCB-Fiscal Year
Download DCC-Budget Preparation Procedures
Download DCH-Monthly Financial Reconciliation
Download DCHA-Periodic Budget Amendments
Download DD-State and Federal Aid Eligibility Determination
Download DFL-Investment Earnings
Download DG-Central Office Depository of Funds
Download DH-Bonded Employees
Download DI-Accounting Reports and Records
Download DID-Audits
Download DJE - Purchasing
Download DJEB-Authority to Expend Funds without Board Approval
Download DJED - Bid Purchasing
Download DL-Cash in School Buildings
Download DN-Local School Finances
Download DO-Disposal of School Property
Download DP - Returned Checks/Insufficient Funds
Folder General Public Relations (7 Files)
Download KB - Public Information Program
Download KB-R - Press Releases, Interviews, and Communications with the Media
Download KD - Staff-Community Relations
Download KH - Gifts to Schools
Download KJ - Advertising/Selling in Schools
Download KK - Public Use of School Records
Download KL - Public Relations
Folder General School Administration (4 Files)
Download CA - Applicability
Download CD - Line and Staff Relations
Download CEI - Evaluation of the Superintendent
Download CF - Duty of Sex Offender to Notify School of Presence
Folder Instruction (41 Files)
Download IA-Educational Philosophy
Download IAA-Instructional Goals and Objectives
Download ICC-Research Projects
Download IDA-Basic Program Curriculum
Download IDB-Parental Involvement
Download IDCCA-Correspondence Study
Download IDCCB-Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Students
Download IDCCE-Student Transfers and Grade Placements
Download IDCF-Employment of Students
Download IDCFA-Vocational Education Programs On-The-Job Training
Download IDCFB-Liveworks Policy
Download IDDC-Homebound Instruction
Download IDDCD-Enrollment in Hospital and Treatment Programs
Download IEA-Asignment to Classes
Download IEBA-Length of School Day and School Year
Download IFA-Textbook Selection and Adoption
Download IFAB-Textbook Payment Schedule
Download IFAC-School Media Centers: Selection of Media Materials
Download IFBE-Textbook/Audiovisual/Instructional Material Review
Download IFBEC-Internal Review of Audiovisual Material
Download IFBG-Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials
Download IFBGB-Computer Software Selection and Duplication
Download IFCD-School Volunteers
Download IHA-Report Cards
Download IHAA-Required Examinations and Exemptions
Download IHAD-Parent Conferences
Download IHB-Homework
Download IHCA-The Determination of Honor Graduates
Download IHE-Student Promotion and Retention
Download IHEA-Make-up Opportunities
Download IHF - Graduation Requirements
Download IIC-Use and Dissemination of Test Results
Download IID-Student Records
Download IIF-Storing Inactive Student Permenant Records
Download IKBA-Outside Presenters/Lecturers
Download IKDA-Flag Displays
Download IKI-Lesson Plans
Download IKK-Classroom Disruptions
Download ILA - Wellness Policy
Download ILB-Athens Renaissance School
Download ILBA-Participation of Athens Renaissance School
Folder Interagency Relations (2 Files)
Download ME-Relations with Education and Service Centers
Download MFB-Student Teaching
Folder Interorganizational (5 Files)
Download LB-Local Government Relations
Download LC-Use of Facilities for Elections
Download LDAI-Recreation Department
Download LEB-Parent-Teacher Organization
Download LEF-Booster Clubs
Folder Personnel (56 Files)
Download GAAA-Equal Opportunity Employment
Download GAE-Grievances
Download GAID-Conflict of Interest
Download GAJA-Gifts by Staff Members
Download GAJB - Use of Office for Personal Gain or Gifts to Personnel
Download GAJD-Political Activity
Download GAJDBG-Personnel/Student Relationships and Conduct
Download GAJDBH-Sexual Harassment
Download GAJDC-Staff Involvement in Decision Making
Download GAK-Employment of Personnel
Download GAKB-Criteria for Employment
Download GAKC-Applications for Employment
Download GAKF-Job Description Development
Download GAKG-Orientation of Personnel
Download GAKJ-Public use of Personnel Records
Download GALA-Overtime Pay
Download GALBEA - Family and Medical Leave for Personnel
Download GALBF-Legal Service Absences for Personnel
Download GALBG-Professional Leaves of Absence for Personnel
Download GALBH-Personal Leaves and Absences
Download GALD-Salary Schedules for Personnel
Download GALDC Payroll Checks for Personnel
Download GALE-Travel Expenses for Personnel
Download GAM - Firearms and Weapons - Employees
Download GAMA-Health Examinations for Personnel
Download GAMAA-Communicable Diseases
Download GAMAB-Tuberculosis Tests for Employees and Volunteers
Download GAMBC-Drug-Free Workplace
Download GAMBCA - Drug Testing of Designated Employees
Download GAMC-Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products
Download GANF-Supervising Family Members
Download GAQ-Use of School System-Owned Equipment and Materials
Download GBAA-Contracts for Certified Personnel
Download GBC-Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Download GBD - Supplemental Assignments for Personnel
Download GBI - Employee Evaluations
Download GBIB-Staff Rights and Responsibilities
Download GBM- Transfer of Certified Personnel
Download GBNA-Reduction in Force
Download GBRB-Time Schedules and Work Loads for Certified Personnel
Download GBRD-Staff Meetings
Download GBRE-Extra Duties
Download GBRGB-Tutoring for Pay
Download GBRH - Vacation Leave for Certified Personnel
Download GBRHB-Leaves of Absences for Certified Personnel
Download GBRJ-Substitute Teachers
Download GBS-Professional Organizations for Certified Personnel
Download GBU-Alabama Educator Code of Ethics
Download GCAA- Contracts for Noncertified Personnel
Download GCFA-Inservice for Noncertified Personnel
Download GCH-Supervision of Noncertified Personnel
Download GCM-Transfer of Noncertified Personnel
Download GCMA - Evaluation of Noncertified Personnel
Download GCRB-Time Schedules and Work Loads for Noncertified Personnel
Download GCRC-Vacation Leave/Holidays for Noncertified Personnel
Download GDA - Physical Restraint
Folder School Board Operations (22 Files)
Download BBA-Board Officers
Download BBBB - Board Member Training
Download BBBE-Compensation and Expenses
Download BBC-Board Committees
Download BBD-Board-School Superintendent Relations
Download BBE-School Board Attorney
Download BBG-Consultants
Download BC-Board Meetings
Download BCAA-Annual Board Meeting
Download BCAB - Board Meetings
Download BCBB-Board Meeting Direct Notification
Download BCBC-Preparation for Board Meetings
Download BCBD-Agendas
Download BCBD-E- Suggested Agenda
Download BCBE-Distribution of Materials
Download BCBFA-Quorum
Download BCBG-Voting
Download BCBH-Minutes of the Board
Download BCBI-Public Participation in Board Meetings
Download BDD-Policy Dissemination
Download BGA-Membership in School Board`s Association
Download BH-E Code of Conduct for Members of the Athens City Board of Education
Folder School System Organization (14 Files)
Download AA-School System`s Status
Download ABA-Board Authority
Download ABC-Board Member`s Legal Status
Download ABCA-Number of Board Members
Download ABCC-Board Member Terms of Office
Download ABCDA-Unexpired Term
Download ABCE-Resignation/Removal from Office
Download ABD-School Superintendent`s Legal Status
Download AC-School System Organization Plan
Download AD-School Attendance Areas
Download AE-School Year
Download AEA-School Calendar
Download AF-School Day
Download AFC-Emergency Closings of Schools
Folder Student (57 Files)
Download JAA - Equal Educational Opportunities
Download JAAA - Voluntary Religious Expression
Download JBA-Compulsory Attendance Ages
Download JBC - School Admission Requirements
Download JBC-A - School Admission Policy for Homeless, Migrant, Immigrant, English Learners, and Students in Foster Care
Download JBCA - School Zone Requirements
Download JBCB - Non-Resident Student Admissions - Policy
Download JBCD-Student Transfers and Withdrawals
Download JBCE-Participation of Incarcerated Youth in ARS Virtual Courses/Programs
Download JBD-Student Attendance
Download JBE-Students Leaving School Campus
Download JBS-Compulsory Attendance Ages
Download JCAA-Student Due Process
Download JCAB-Student Searches
Download JCAC-Interrogations by Public Officials
Download JCAD-No Fight Policy
Download JCDAA - Smoking/Use of Tobacco Products
Download JCDAB - Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Download JCDB - Student Dress and Appearance
Download JCE-Student Grievances
Download JDA-Corporal Punishment
Download JDD - Out-of-School Suspension
Download JDDA-In-School Suspension
Download JDE - Expulsion
Download JDEA - Student Code of Conduct
Download JDEAB - Firearms and Weapons
Download JDEAC-Refusal to Identify Self
Download JE-Student Guidance Program
Download JED-Access to Student Records
Download JFAD-School Visitors
Download JGA-Student Insurance Programs
Download JGC-Student Health Services
Download JGCA-Medicines
Download JGCB-Students Immunizations
Download JGCD-Accident/First Aid Supplies and Treatment
Download JGDA-Individual Student Psychological Evaluations
Download JGFB-School Opening and Closing Times
Download JGFC-Daily Dismissal Precautions (Safety)
Download JGFF-Automobile and Motorized Vehicle Use by Students
Download JGG-Student School Bus Transportation
Download JH-Non-Athletic Student Activities, Club and Organizations
Download JHAA-Student Fees
Download JHB-Activitiy Fund Management
Download JHBAB-Prohibited Substance Screening
Download JHCA-Eligibility Requirements for Athletes, Cheerleaders, Majorettes, Flag Corps, Performing Bands and Performing Groups of the JROTC
Download JHCAA-Interscholastic Athletics
Download JHCAB-Cheerleader Regulations
Download JHCAD-Majorette and Flag Corps Regulations
Download JHCAE-Student Band
Download JHCC-Student Publications
Download JKA-Solicitations
Download JL-Gifts by Students
Download JM-Contests for Students
Download JN-Sexual Harrassment of Students
Download JNA- Anti-Harassment Policy
Download JSA - Field Trips and Excursions
Download Student Withdrawal Form
Folder Parent/Student Handbook (4 Files)
Download 2014-2015 5-12 Handbook (Spanish)
Download 2014-2015 Elementary Handbook (Spanish)
Download 2015-2016 Parent Student Handbook 5 - 12 (English)
Download 2015-2016 Parent/Student Handbook Elementary (English)