Mayor Ronnie Marks

I believe the Athens City School System embraces the responsibility of providing our city with its future leaders. It is within our Athens City Schools that students learn the skills needed to continue their education, enter the workforce, and become productive citizens.




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Business & Finance



A community connected by education.


Our mission is to be a progressive, high-quality school system that connects students and their families to a caring, traditional community.

Welcome to the Business and Finance section of  Athens City Schools. It is our goal in the finance department to assist teachers and administrators in their mission to provide a safe and academically stimulating environment for the students of the district.

Some of the primary functions of this Department consist of budget management and development, accounts payable, payroll functions, managing fixed assets, and audits.

The budgeting process for Athens City Schools is designed to facilitate the development of an overall plan for the use of financial resources that will best serve the needs of students. With the implementation of site-based management, decisions for the use of the financial resources are made by the stakeholders responsible for accomplishing desired results.

In addition to the financial plan presented in the proposed budget, the school system is required to submit to the State Department of Education nine other operational plans. These additional plans are as follows:

(1) Capital Projects

(2) Student Transportation

(3) Professional Development

(4) Technology

(5) Special Education

(6) At-Risk Students

(7) Career/Technical Education

(8) Federal Programs

(9) School Safety