Mayor Ronnie Marks

I believe the Athens City School System embraces the responsibility of providing our city with its future leaders. It is within our Athens City Schools that students learn the skills needed to continue their education, enter the workforce, and become productive citizens.




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Welcome From the Superintendent
Dr. W.L. 'Trey' Holladay III
Athens City Schools
Dr. W.L. 'Trey' Holladay III Superintendent Athens City Schools


I want to welcome you to the Athens City Schools system webpage and provide you information about our schools and news of the great things happening in our system. At the bottom of the page you will find our mission, vision and goals. It is what drives the work of our school system everyday. Additionally, you will find tabs throughout this section and others for our latest news.

Our schools are comprised of seven campuses, one non-traditional center and two alternative program sites that are clustered into the following grade spans:

Our Elementary Schools - Kindergarten thru 4th grade

Athens Elementary, Brookhill Elementary, Cowart Elementary and Julian Newman Elementary.

Athens City Schools has discerned to operate four separate elementary schools that serve the neighborhoods around them. By design, the four schools cannot grow in excess of four homerooms per grade level with a maximum of 400 students per campus. Although this may not be the most efficient model in the business world, we believe the value offered by having small learning communities where every staff member knows every child and parents are welcomed, is worth the extra investment.

Additionally, Athens Elementary houses our Pre-K program that consists of two units to serve students with exceptional needs prior to kindergarten and typical peers. Cowart Elementary houses two Pre-K units that are operated through our partnership with the regional Head-Start agency.

Our Intermediate School - 5th and 6th grade

Athens Intermediate School (5th and 6th grade)

Upon completing the 4th grade, we bring all of our students together on the campus of Athens Intermediate School. Sometimes referred to as an “ela-middle” school, our intermediate setting offers an exceptional transition for students as they ascend from elementary to middle school. The positive relationships and sheltered cognitive development provide an environment to protect and nurture every student.

Our Secondary Schools - 7th thru 12th grade

Athens Middle School (7th and 8th grade students) and Athens High School (9th thru 12th grade)

The secondary schools within our system have sustained recognition for providing quality academic, art and athletic programs. Athens graduates attending post secondary schools have shown to have great classroom success and low rates of remedial classes assigned. The career and technical programs available are plentiful and many students choose credentialed career pathways in preparation for the workforce. Our schools produce college and career ready graduates that become exceptional leaders within their chosen profession and community.

Our Non-Traditional Center - 7th thru 12th grade

ACS-Renaissance Center (7th thru 12th grade)

Because of the desire to meet the dynamic needs of a diverse community, ACS operates a non-traditional educational center to serve our students. The ACS – Renaissance Center, allows students to receive a customized/personalized plan of education where time and attendance are not factors. Learning should be the constant for every student and students in our RC progress on time or faster through their personalized plan. ACS plans to expand our Renaissance Center into elementary grades beginning with the 2015-16 school year.

Our Alternative Programs - 5th thru 12th grade 

SAFE (7th thru 12th grade) and CARE (5th thru 12th grade)

ACS also offers alternative educational settings through our SAFE (Student Academy for Excellence) and CARE (Classroom for Alternative and Remedial Education) programs. The alternative setting allows students that may have faced personal difficulties, need a new direction or need time to recover from life challenges in a supportive and structured environment a continuous educational setting.  The goal of our alternative programs is to have students return to their home school as soon as possible. Our CARE program is specifically designed for students with exceptional service needs.


The Athens community takes great pride in our schools, teachers, and especially our children. Our vision is to be, “A Community Connected by Education”. That vision is focused daily on meeting the needs of our supporting customers… parents, teachers, community leaders, business and industry in the Tennessee Valley, local and state government officials and the city in which we live. But most importantly, our vision is focused on our primary customer… our students! We prepare daily for every student to be college and career ready and to “Fly-High” as Golden Eagles!

Please contact us anytime we may be of service to you and please checkout all of the great things happening in Athens City Schools that are attached within the Superintendent portal and throughout all areas of our website.


W.L. ‘Trey’ Holladay III


Athens City Schools


Vision Statement


“A Community Connected by Education”


Mission Statement


Our mission is to be a progressive, high-quality school system that connects students and their families to a caring, traditional community.




Belief Statements


1.      We believe all students can learn.


2.     We believe it is important for students to attend school every day and in a safe, secure and supportive environment.


3.     We believe technology is a progressive learning tool for students to reach their greatest potential and provides equity for student outcomes.


4.     We believe every student deserves a rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experience including extracurricular and fine arts experiences.


5.     We believe students are valued individuals and our system will respect & empower them to reach their greatest learning potential.


6.     We believe every student is inherently unique and diversity enhances learning.


7.     We believe it is important for every student to develop a sense of personal and community responsibility and for the system to promote community service opportunities.


8.     We believe honesty and open communication are vital for healthy relationships.


9.     We believe passionate teachers have the greatest impact on learning.


10. We believe that all school staff should be connected with students and families outside the classroom and learning is a shared responsibility - school, home, student, and community, for which we are all accountable.


11.   We believe leadership at every level matters.


12.  We believe our system is tradition-rich and future-focused in preparing our students for a global society. 


Community Priorities

ü  Tradition and heritage of the community and school system

ü  Student safety and security

ü  Supportive and caring staff

ü  Progressive and top performing academics

ü  Highly competitive fine art and athletic programs

ü  Fiscally solvent